Whose values will you promote in 2018?

We all enjoy the liberties of America, because of the actions of millions of fellow Americans efforts to retain them for the next generation. American citizens of all national origins and racial descents have spilled their blood on foreign soil and proudly given their life so you and your families can continue to enjoy these liberties. As a veteran who volunteered to serve with a willingness to lay down my life for this country and our way of life, the American Flag and the Star Spangled Banner are more than a piece of cloth and an entertaining sound. These are symbols of all that we died for or were willing to die for. Veterans have kept you free to enjoy your way of life; what have these wining NFL millionaire spoiled brats, driving $100,000+ cars done for you? With the upcoming NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, you will make a choice of who you want to honor and what type of values you want to promote in 2018. You can thank the veterans for keeping you free by boycotting these games or embolden this on-patriotic behavior in our youth and nation by watching these games, continuing to fund these on-American values and behaviors. Isn’t it time you took a stand on this issue? Whose values will promote in 2018 and what will the impact be on your nation, your family and our future? THIS IS NOT A FREEDOM OF SPEECH ISSUE! PLEASE WATCH THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO.

Veteran, USAF
John A. Mitten