Several years ago I was invited to become a chaplain with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. It was an eye opening experience. The law enforcement community is very tight knit and slow to accept anyone not in uniform or working on their team. They live with every present danger both on duty and off duty, placing extreme stress on their family and the officers physically, mentally, and spiritually. The evil and trauma, which wounds the soul, they encounter regularly, which accumulates over the years. However, few have the knowledge of how to cleanse their soul through our Lord Jesus Christ. This often leads to hopelessness, self medicating, loss of families or worst yet, suicide. Recently God has given me a strong burden for law enforcement officers and those who assist them throughout the state of Florida.

We are told in I Timothy 2 that we have an obligation to pray for them, that we may live in peace, and reach out to them that they might be saved. This is best accomplished by providing
chaplains who know the truth and will boldly share the love of Christ with them.

Ministering to the law enforcement community should be and can be a ministry of every local church.

Please pray for God to touch someone in your congregation with a deep love for the law enforcement community and a willingness to help them. If we who have the truth are not available to them how shall they come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ? It would be my pleasure to present this ministry to your people and to assist you in establishing this ministry in your local church.

In Christ service,

Chaplain John A. Mitten

(352) 540-4719 or (352) 796-3635
Email: chaplainjohnmitten@gmail.com


Cornerstone Baptist Church
4075 Mariner Blvd.

Spring mu, FL 34608
Richard Rossiter, Pastor

Education: Liberty Baptist College, BS Degree 1976;

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office: Public Service Aide Program 64hrs
Biblical Law Enforcement and Corrections Chaplaincy 55hrs
Criminal Justice Institute: LE Resilience and Peer Support

Security & Awareness                             40hrs

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office: Crisis Intervention Team                    40hrs

.FEMA Courses: IS-lOO; Introduction to Incident Command System
IS-200.b; Initial Action Incident

IS-700.a; National Incident Management System
IS-907; Active Shooter: What You Can Do

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